All services feature customized organizing solutions, product recommendations, and long term maintenance strategies.
Travel fee may apply to any project outside service area.

Get started - Free Phone Consultation

During our 20 minute initial phone conversation we will discuss your current thoughts and feelings about your space and what you envision your space to look like when we are finished. If at the end of the consultation, if we decide that we are a good fit, we will discuss rates and make an appointment for an in-home consultation.

In Home Consultation - One Hour Assessment and Action Plan


​​After our initial phone consultation, i will come to your house and together we will assess your space and gather information about what is working for you and what is not.  We will develop an initial plan of action and discuss a budget for needed storage solutions.   We will explore options for repurposing items and discuss systems you already have.  I will have you complete some forms and we will schedule our first session.   After the consultation, I will email you a personalized action plan to review prior to our first hands on organizing session.

Half Day Session

Have a small project that you can’t seem to start? Not sure if working with an organizer will help?
This package is for you!

During this half day (3 hour) session we will tackle a small section of your space (desk, countertops, bedroom, playroom, small closet, etc). We will discuss, in more detail, what is keeping you from being organized and how you can take small manageable steps to achieve and maintain order. I work with you to use products you already have, or will make suggestions for products to purchase that will help you get organized.


Full Day Session


Need to get a small project finished but don’t know where to begin or what strategies to use? Need a fresh perspective on a project? 
This package is for you! 

During this full day (6 hour) session we will tackle an entire problem area. We start by decluttering the items that don’t belong in the space. You determine if you would like to dispose of, donate or keep the items. We will assess the space to determine how it should be used and set up systems that will work for your organizing habits and lifestyle.

DIY Package

​Are you willing to do the work yourself but need a fresh perspective, step by step plan, and specific product recommendations?  This package is for you - for any size project. 

This package includes:
  • Full written assessment.
  • Step by Step plan of action.
  • Tips relating to project.
  • List of area resources.
  • Product recommendations.


Package Rates

Have a large or whole house project to tackle? 
Buy 10 or more hours at a discounted hourly rate and save up to $200!
10 hrs- $580   20 hrs- $1140    30 hrs- $1680    40 hrs- $2200

These packages include:
  • Discuss issues there are in each room.
  • Discuss how each room should be used.
  • Determine who uses the space and what their organizing style is.
  • Determine what current organizational systems are/aren’t working.
  • Hands on declutter and organize.
  • Make suggestions for new products needed.
  • ​Discuss strategies to prevent backsliding.

Notes:  3 or 6 hour sessions (3 hour minimum per session) will be scheduled to tackle large projects. Package hours must be paid in full on first session date and used within 6 months, unless otherwise stated.